Thursday, December 29, 2005

My firstliner

Hi guys,

I have surfed through many blogs before and am amazed with some of them. They are very creative, intelligent, honest.... really do make their personalities show.

But, too bad... certain quarters are just merely adding numbers to the crowd. To me, it's nothing much on what the quality that matters because one writer can be different from another writer. May be some are trained to write, may be some are gifted with the inborn talent. It's just that I cannot tolerate bad mannerism in pointing out the subject matter. Or, I can say that I am against any atrocities. Other than that it's fine with me. The bottomline is, I admire the honesty out of it.

Well, my judgment of whether they are good or not is just based on my own perception only... people may love what I hate, people may be disgust over my preference, like what I love, nauseatic over what I adore and so forth...

Anyway, I hope I'll be actively writing in my blog here. I am not a good writer. I can speak way lot better than I can write, but I sincerely hope that you may find points I am trying make in my writing.

God Bless


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