Monday, July 31, 2006

Another Siti and 1-day too late

It is a talk of nation on the upcoming wedding of Siti Nurhaliza, a popular female pop artiste of the country with Dato’ K; coined to be the wedding-of-the-year. It is scheduled to be on 21st August 2006. The craze is as such until the never-seen-before local TV stations racing neck-to-neck to have rights for live telecast of the ceremony. The local media, like nobody’s business, have been drumming up the impending matrimony starts from the announcement of the much awaited nuptials date; was even made the breaking news, live on national TV and subsequently made front-page in all major newspapers in the country. Never in the history had such thing like this happened to anyone in her class, being treated way better than the Royal weddings.

Long before the announcement was made, the media has already wasted much space in the news columns, countless hours of TV airtime speculating and gossiping. We don’t talk about the tabloids, periodical, magazines and what not just yet. Have our media now gone into a state of ridicule or something? For what it’s worth, we cannot blame the media for doing so because they are in business of selling news and stories about her sells. Anything about her, newspapers sell better, magazines increase in circulations. The bigger the captions on the issue the more the readers will be attracted to. Her stunning and glittery look indeed graces the front page; innumerable publications eagerly have her to be their cover girl. Iconic, her presence on TV attracts more audience. TV ratings shoot high. The suffering of the Lebanese people being pounded by the Jews is just a mockery. The news on Tsunami, oh well, people have heard it before; it was even bigger when it hit Acheh. The awe is not that great anymore. With or without our concern over it, things just happened. What about the important figures of the country appear to say something for the rakyat? Nah, they are just the politicians. When politicians make statements, people know it too well, all are rhetoric. After all, it’s not so much entertaining in the first place. News on Siti Nurhaliza is different. It is even made headline during prime time news. This is what people want to hear, want to see. People are interested to know everything about her, engrossed over her, even down to the less than important things treated as news like how much the wedding gown costs, who designs it, what color, how much the dowry would be, where’s the place of their choice for honeymoon will be at, how many horses will be used for the stagecoach in KLCC – the curiosity is infinite.

As much as I like her for her charm and beauty, apart from talents, I would love to urge people to put a limit to it. We’ve got many other better things to concern about. I think we have gone too far idolizing a celebrity.

On the other anecdote, I have a younger brother. He is 29. He belongs to the Alumni of MRSM Jasin. He went through with flying colors for both PMR and SPM. He had had a heart for Japan for further studies instead of me back then pushing him for England since I had a way to place him there. Adamant, he was. So then, he is a graduate from a prestigious university in Kansai, Japan and is now a Mechanical Engineer with Hitachi, based in KL. He spent years in Japan study and work. When he was there, he used to send me pictures of him with his car, Skyline, much to my envy. Oh, by the way, he speaks good Japanese language and he brags of speaking immaculate Kansai dialect with a great deal of amazement to even the Japanese people. I learned that Kansai dialect is a dialect that hard to master in, just like Kelantanese dialect if it is in our country. Anyway, to his credit, he has taught my kids to sing Doraemon song with correct dictions. He did it in a way how Shafinaz and Paul Moss are commenting on the contestants in One in A Million reality TV show, swiftly point out when my kids muffle in their singing. Hehe!

The thing is, just like Siti Nurhaliza, or rather say Dato’ K, he is getting married too. The coincidence is as such, he’s marrying Siti too. But, of whom it is another kind of Siti though, Siti Hajar. Pretty close! The irony is; both families have agreed upon the date long before the announcement was made by Siti Nurhaliza. The date is 22nd August 2006. Siti Nurhaliza / Dato’ K came up with the date 21st August 2006. One day earlier.

I’ll bet my brother’s wedding has been downplayed by Dato’ K to have us beaten by one day. Hahaha!

Another Siti and 1-day too late…


It is reported in the paper, according to Siti, the sons are all well-groomed by the father, Dato' K and that's a pointer for her attraction

I can see that...

No wonder our people prefer news related to Siti Nurhaliza rather than news on Lebanon. What is there when all about Lebanon are misery with pictures of dismembered and charred remains of the children? This one is uhh... I have to agree with people... !

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

So then … We are dealing with KATAK

I used to train hundreds of trainers and give presentations to thousands of audience, but, the presentations I am about to give to the Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications bring chills to my spines. May be this is due to my hope that the presentations will go without glitch and at the end of the day manage to have some sense of implementations secured. Much time and energy has been spent throughout months of prototype development, perhaps as good as one year if it refers from the Day 1 of the conceptualization. It’s now a matter of green light given by their side for me (us) to go and present.

Ministry of Energy, Water and Communications, better known as KTAK or I prefer to call it KATAK, has come up with the strategy called MyICMS 886 (Malaysia Information, Communication and Multimedia Services 886). What is that 886? It refers to their strategy; 8 elements in Services, 8 in Infrastructure and 6 Growth Areas. [Note: This is a good strategy. We are not short of planners in this country but the people to execute are]. After a scrutiny, we found that we overlap under that 8 Infrastructure and more in the Growth Areas of the Ministry’s strategy. During the instigation, it turned out to be, the ones that with clear focus for KTAK is in the Services and Infrastructure part of it and not in the Growth Area of which the latter is somewhat in a grey area, overlie with other ministries’ jurisdictions. We are banking in on Competence Development, Content Development and ICT Education Hub. The closest is on the Competence Development.

There goes, we had to switch over the strategy and approach on our side to fit in the MyICMS 886. I came up with the proposal focusing on the pilot project for the continuity of the services and infrastructural set up of KTAK. The main point we played upon in the proposal was the services & infrastructures need to be clearly seen in the practical usage of it. The underlined issue is CONTINUITY to see the finished and polished product. Hey, the KSU of KTAK bought the idea and commissioned over MCMC (Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commissions) to look into it seriously.

But, to me this is not a blessing. It looks like the game now is bottom up, not like the way initially intended to look like. That worries me. I do not want to leave it to chance. I cram myself up for weeks already. Thank goodness I do have a very competent partner to work with. The game plan is as such; still stick to the proposal we created initially - to sneak through the Ministry’s strategy on the pretext of providing the back-hand in the integrity of the ministry to have the infrastructure set-up and services offered with a practical means and it is readily to be used and effective too.

I’ll be the main presenter to outline the whole set of presentation and in later part my partner will come in to underline the points.

Wish me luck!

GAB: If things do not work out well, I’ll be looking for a good spot in the area I'm staying at, Saujana Utama to set up a stall selling burger.

There goes my lunch hour… hehehe

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Management Skills

Today’s Saturday. It’s not a working day but my practice for years; I’ll make a point to be by myself working things out (if any) or just simply do what I like doing. As far as official work is concerned, Friday has called for a close already. Nobody’s around in the office now except handful of marketing personnel doing their things.

My mind still cannot get over with the management meeting that I chaired yesterday. I have elaborated things like planning, organizing, development, work milestones and what not. Now then I realized, effectively, to maximize results out of all these, it requires skills.

So now, I want to touch on a topic of management skills here. At all level of management, the need of technical, human relations and conceptual skills will differ accordingly.

To give you better idea, let me break down the time proportions on the conceptual, technical and human relations skills by levels of top management, middle management and supervisory management.

1. TOP MANAGEMENT: Conceptual-70%, Technical-10% and Human Relations-20%
2. MIDDLE MANAGEMENT: Conceptual-40%, Technical-40% and Human Relations-20%
3. SUPERVISORY MANAGEMENT: Conceptual-20%, Technical-60% and Human Relations-20%

Conceptual Skills are thinking skills. It is the ability to picture a scenario in the future: to envision. It would also include the ability to understand how change can affect the future of the organization. Top managers are very much involved in activities that require this skill.

Technical Skills would mean the ability to use procedures and techniques. Generally, supervisors would have a greater need for technical skills compared to middle-level managers.

Human Relations Skills would involve the ability to communicate well, motivate subordinates, lead individuals and groups. It would also refer to ability to emphasize. Managers at all levels need human skills, an attribute that is very important when it comes to working with people.

Technical skills are more structured and may be learned through training and practice. Human relation skills are more complex and practice does not come easy. Compared to other skills, conceptual skills are relatively difficult to acquire as they require creativity and lateral thinking.


Friday, July 21, 2006

Snake Bite

Today is Friday. Come Friday, I always feel good. I feel like; this is the day for me to wrap up the week. The night before I watched TV until it was very late of which I always get caught with TV program over ASTRO on this particular night. And... during the daytime so then it'd take a toll on me, very sleepy.

I was out from the office a little early, around 12:00 noon. I took time to walk around the area close to my office and I timed myself up for the lunch to have it finished minutes before the muazzin call for Friday prayer. I had a good one. Gerai Kak Melda over at the corner never failed me. You know, ayam kampung when it is properly prepared, it is very tasty.

During the sermon, oh boy, I felt so sleepy. I could hardly comprehend what the khatib was talking. Stood up, went to wet my face and tried to focus again. I did it twice.

After the prayer's over, everyone was invited for sembahyang hajat for Save Palestine but I could not join. Instead, I went to the back of the masjid and lied down. In seconds I dozed off. Hey, I have never done things like this before. The funny thing is, I had a dream when I was sleeping. It was a strange dream. I dreamt of a snake bit my neck and I woke up. All I know I was kind of dazed and confused, a little. The masjid was practically empty by then. Washed my face and drove back to office.

In the office, I sent message to TUN telling about my dream and BUYIE too. I was asking whether the dream was signaling me of having yet another marriage in a near future. Hahahaha! Malays do believe that anything to do with dreaming of snake bite, the maidens would be having a good surprise of either engagement is around the corner or someone is coming over for merisik or even marriage.

But that is for the maidens, and I am NOT!

Friday, July 14, 2006

A Place To Eat

I used to write in January 2006 about one of my favourite hangout places, the Dome, KLCC. I did enjoy my time there. I liked the ambience of the place as much as I loved the food & drinks. Rather unfortunate… I came across friends experienced otherwise. Let’s look at what Faei has to say about it…

My husband and I were having brunch yesterday at Dome KLCC. Now, we are not the type of people who like to aimlessly lounge at KL eateries. Actually we were there to do a little shopping for Arislan’s clothes, and also to surf the internet at the Maxis Utopia hotspot to do a little e-banking and to read the Champions League post match commentary on soccernet.

The waitress who took our order was all dull and sullen. No smiles were offered, no friendly greetings. She has an expression that is probably more sour than the zestiest lemon. As we were munching on our meals, a group of male foreigners sat at the table near us. Instantly, the same sour waitress swooped on them, complete with the brightest smile and the most cheerful greeting. All of the sudden, she came coquettishly chatty, suggesting this dish and that.

My husband and I were looking at each other in disgust. “C’mon,” I said, loudly. “Let’s get out of here before I puke to death.”
What’s with all this ‘worshipping’ of gwailos anyway? Are all Malaysian men not capable of any manners or charm?


The above is to show the example of not-so-right-attitude by Malaysians. I, for one, am pissed off with this kind of attitude as well. Wherever I eat or dine, be it a quickie as it is for my lunch, casual for high tea with colleagues or elaborate dinner with the family, I am very particular on the treatment by the waiters / waitresses. Regardless of what standard of the diner, be it at the stall, cafeteria, cafĂ©, bistro, “half-cooked” western food places, and restaurant or at a flush hotel, I expect the best as a customer.

I cannot really comprehend discriminating the patrons by these “kids” working as waiters/waitresses. (The actual blame is on the management, not these kids) Is it there to do with prejudice over who looks like having lot of money? Or is it to do with being certain race will belong to certain class? That's not even funny. All are craps, I must say... What is so special about the western people? Is it due to them are better looking than the Asians with blonde hair and blue eyes and all? Yeah, generally they are but we are here as customers.

I am quite flair in English language with Mid-Western accent and I used to experiment over with my vocalization skills when dining at a flush eatery. Guess what? They chickened-out and treat me as if I am heck of a guy that belongs to certain class of the society. But when I purposely pronounce those funny French words on the menu like the Malay lingo does and none of the English laced in the words, hey, they’d size you up. Back in my mind, I said, “O fudge... your momma... you don’t know a shit what classy is all about”. It does not necessarily the ones don’t speak English is not classy. “I can all not know a word of English and yet I am still standing tall and you supposed to respect my BM when I am using it, what more I am upholding the language as an official language of the country”.

"I don’t respect you when you are respecting me because of what’s what but all that I need is for you to treat me as a customer! "

Psychologically, this has got to do with the inferiority complex among Malay ethnics.

(I’ll find time to write on the psychological factor that contributes to this inferiority complex among Malays / Malaysians)


Thursday, July 06, 2006



GAB ni anak zaman komputer belum wujud. Masa duduk kat kampung hanyalah sampai darjah 6. Lepas dari tu tak pernah le GAB merasa hidup kat kampung.

Bila dah dewasa ni, sesekali teringat masa kecik dulu, main macam2 permainan tradisi. Hubungan di antara kawan2 amat rapat, atau mungkin juga permainan yang budak2 masa tu main membuatkan hubungan lebih akrab. Dalam banyak2 permainan tu ada satu yang membuatkan GAB tersenyum sendiri.... Cak Kek Kok Kaki Ayam!

Permainan Cak Kek Kok Kaki Ayam ialah sejenis permainan yang menguji daya kekuatan kaki seseorang pemain. Ia dimainkan oleh kanak-kanak lelaki dan perempuan yang berumur 6 tahun ke atas. Jumlah pemain yang diperlukan ialah antara 4 hingga 9 orang. Permainan ini dimainkan di tanah lapang dan rata serta mudah dipermainkan kerana ia tidak memerlukan sebarang peralatan.

Para pemain akan membuat undian bagi menentukan giliran permainan masing-masing dan sebagai permulaannya hanya tiga (3) orang pemain akan bermain dahulu. Mereka dikehendaki menyilang sebelah kaki masing-masing dan menindihkannya dari belakang.

Sesudah itu ketiga-tiga orang pemain itu akan berdecak berkeliling dengan silang kaki yang terlekat itu. Pemain yang jatuh semasa decakan itu dianggap kalah dan digantikan oleh pemain lain.

Pemain yang tindihan kakinya tidak pernah jatuh ketika bermain akan dianggap sebagai pemenang. Permainan ini boleh diteruskan untuk beberapa pusingan sehingga semua pemain bersetuju memberhentikannya.

1. Hanya tiga orang pemain dibenarkan bermain dalam satu pusingan.

2. Pemain dilarang menolak mana-mana pemain lain yang berada dalam decakannya.

3. Pemain yang jatuh ketika bermain (kakinya terlepas dari decakan pemain lain) haruslah diganti dengan pemain yang lain.

Any of you read this... please share the game that you enjoyed most when you were kids. GAB ada banyak lagi game yang susah nak jumpa bebudak sekarang main.



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