Monday, March 16, 2009

My morning in Ijok

A Funky Dude
This tiny sucker is elusive. He flies in random order and only come to rest, perched on the foliage merely for seconds. After a cup of sweat and dirty pants, I still couldn’t get a decent shot on him. This is the best I could get that I need to crop heavily for my image – less than satisfactory.

Ijok is a constituency in the state of Selangor, some 65km from Kuala Lumpur. From my house to this tiny dreary township of Ijok, it is only some 15km on a straight line, no big deal for me to get there. But it’s a big deal to go there if I don’t really have any apparent purpose.

Of all the places on earth, I went there looking for butterflies to capture. As if butterflies are that scarce that cannot be found elsewhere but Ijok. When I got back home, I saw similar butterfly was happily roaming in my yard.

A Splendor of Ijok
This is my catch of the day – a splendor. What good is Ijok without her?!!

View Large

Stateliness in Her Spread
This beautiful girl in the picture gave me a nice spread of her wings for my shot.

I have a feeling that it is less fun to go capture butterflies in the Butterfly Park where there are actually plenty of beautiful butterflies with wide varieties of sub-species to shoot at.

The thrill of locating them in the wild and chasing after them is perhaps to me reckoned to be called fun as compared to getting just pictures as pictures of beautiful subjects. I don’t know, maybe I am befuddled between my infatuation and my preference here – just like my ambiguity over blogging or just simply upload image in the flickr. Cool!

All I know, I had so much fun hunting them down next to the nippy cemetery in an isolated part of Ijok, Selangor.

The Grandeur
This image is my personal favorite. I favor this based on the merit of photography (that I perceived as one)

I’d suggest you to view LARGE to appreciate it better, or LARGER

You’ll see fine details on her upper body with lucid tresses until the head part and the antennas that make significant contributions to the image character. Blurry upshot at the tips of the wings is to illustrate the proximity of the subject being captured as in a way to suggest a sense of depth. And, please don’t be overlooked; the exquisite adornment on the wings with the electrifying color is no less than interesting either – apart from the smooth bokeh that to me is something to be valued at.

It is worth my while to spend my morning in Ijok with these great captures.


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