Tuesday, June 06, 2006

FIFA World Cup Germany 2006

I am not so much of a soccer lunatic. I do not really spend time watching ball games. But when it comes to World Cup, I am a little bit on my feet. I am a technical minded person. Looking at soccer, I'd prefer to look at the tactical part of it instead of the entertaining the goosebumps over the winning goals by your favourite players or sharing the pride of winning by your favourite teams.

Anyway just to join the bandwagon, this is my prediction over the World Cup 2006.


Winner for Group A - Germany
Winner for Group B - England
Winner for Group C - Argentina
Winner for Group D - Portugal
Winner for Group E - Ghana (upsets Italy)
Winner for Group F - Brazil
Winner for Group G - Togo (hattrick)
Winner for Group H - Spain


1. Germany wins over Sweden
2. Argentina wins over Iran
3. England wins over Poland
4. Ivory Coast upsets Portugal
5. Ghana wins over Croatia
6. Togo wins over Saudi Arabia
7. Brazil wins over Czech Repuplic
8. France wins over Group H leader, Spain


1. Argentina wins over Germany - heartbreaking for the host
2. England goes easy on Ivory Coast
3. Togo wins over Ghana with style
4. Brazil beats France flat


1. Argentina beats England but tough fight
2. Brazil wins over Togo but Togo is not a small boy


Brazil beats Argentina
(BRAZIL is just a knocker - 3 to 1 in the final is for the record)

Monkey Business

My goodness, it has been a while I have not written in my blog. I even had a hard time to remember the password. After number of tries, I managed to get it right. Well many things passed by since the last time I wrote. What I know is I have been busy day in day out working to make sure my organisation to be standing and hopefully it will be self-sufficient before I move on to the next project. Apparently, I still have to focus on whatever things that have been initiated in the year 2005. Tough....

Being a family man, business comes second though. No matter how busy I am with my daily business routine, I'll try my best to be at the dinner table with wife and kids every evening. It is to me an enjoyable event of the day. I am always looking forward for Saturdays and Sundays. These are the days where I can have an ease of mind to be around with family. We'd just wake up early in the morning, go somewhere for breakfast. Wandering around with no specific destination. I dont like to plan it out beforehand just to maintain it casual. At times I'd spend hours at Pasar Tani next to Stadium Shah Alam, walking around but at the end of the day went back home empty-handed. What do you know?! Just enjoying my time.

Evening drive, yeah the kids know it too well, after Asar prayer around 5 pm, we just hit the road. At times we woud have just drive around our place, Saujana Utama or maybe Puncak Alam and perhaps some other time we would go for groceries at the Store. Worse comes to worst just drive deep into the ravine between Kuang and Rawang atop the hill where many monkeys along the road. Pulled over at the roadside, looking at the monkeys, making funny faces at them until time to go back.

That wraps up another weekend.



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