Saturday, February 14, 2009

In Memories of Raffie Hussain

In memories of Raffi Hussain (#1)
This picture is my last photo of Raffie Hussain. I took this in the office during an interview with a local publishing house, 2 weeks before Aidilfitri last year.

He had already becoming an artist when I was still in high school. He was one time dubbed as Elvis Presley of Kelantan for his singing style. During my absence for studies in overseas, I learned that he was also making name in acting ─ he played in a popular local movie, Azura.

Little did I know in my later years, Raffi Hussain would be my business partner of which it abruptly ended in October 2008 when he collapsed and passed away at his parents' home in Gombak due to heart attack. He was supposed to celebrate his 49th birthday the next day, 15th October.

I was in the middle of Hari Raya Celebration at my wife's work place when I received the news. I took my whole family, rushed to the Selayang Hospital, only to wait for his remain at the mortuary. He was pronounced dead on the arrival.

His movie project on "The Chini: Awaken" came to a halt and had practically die off as well..

May Allah Bless His Soul!

The offsprings of Raffi Hussain
These are Raffie's kids out of five (The youngest was not born yet the time he passed away). It is taken during the family "majlis buka puasa" at our office. I'll do what I can to see these kids grow up.



KC said...

al-fatihah buat raffie hussain. i remember him. probably one of those malay actors yg kira good looking masa tuh in his heydays...

Manal said...

Anyway, its been a while and rupa2nya u've updating ur blog since Jan 09! Or mebbe u wrote some and saved as draft?

Yea Raffie Hussain, i remember him in Azura and Mr.Os.

Manal said...

u've been updating. Typo.

Ku Yin™ said...

Never knows...he's passed away?
Al Fatihah..
Lots of thing of Kelantan news I missed!
Thanks FTI at least found it ya blog....


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